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Rexing V1P SlapDashCam vids
SplashDashCam 2019-11-26_06.52    SplashDashCam 2019-11-23_06.43    SplashDashCam 2019-11-22_06.43    SplashDashCam 2019-11-21_06.40    SplashDashCam 2019-11-20_06.39    SplashDashCam 2019-11-19_07.44    SplashDashCam 2019-11-18_06.33    SplashDashCam 2019-11-17_06.29   

Gopro Timelapse videos of Bonaire sunsets
Bonaire Gopro timelapse 2014-04-15 Lunar Eclipse fun with palettes    Bonaire Gopro timelapse May 7,10,11,24 sunsets    Bonaire Gopro timelapse May 25 thru June 03 sunsets    Bonaire Gopro timelapse of 2014-06-06 sunset    Bonaire Gopro timelapse of 2014-06-07 sunset    Bonaire Gopro timelapse of 2014-06-18 sunset    Bonaire Gopro timelapse of 2014-06-20 sunset    Bonaire Gopro timelapse of 2014-06-22 sunset    Bonaire Gopro timelapse of 2014-06-28 sunset    Bonaire Gopro timelapse of 2014-09-14 sunset   

Blennylips Micronesia 1998
Blennylips Micronesia 1998 - Palau    Blennylips Micronesia 1998 - Yap    Compare with 2010 Micronesia videos   

__Roger's opinions only__

RunawayglobalWarminghasstarted:Wehave15years to do something about it.

***note added Mar 2021***

Hey! I was wrong. It is not CO2, it is not you, it is the sun.

Given the last several years of excess "cold weather crop losses", I say we are in more danger of entering a new ice age due to the grand solar cycles. Decide for yourself.

Mini Ice Age Conversations

There is no one to blame. Thermodynamics is as close to a "why" as we'll ever get.
The Thermodynamics of Evolution - An essay of thermo-bio-sociology

I've removed the rant that used to be here (no fodder for google!). I still stand by most of what I said, but I was wrong about anthropogenic climate warming as a legitimate theory. You can find the previous version of this page at at 11 Mar 2021 00:37:20 UTC

Here are the links to my old rants. Full sources archived on github.

The problem is google; no wonder they dropped the informal motto: "Don't be Evil". Objectivity goes out the door. How are us plebes going to agree on anything if goog is telling each what goog infers from each of our social media histories? Insane. No "facts" anymore?

I date the crapification to the introduction of “social search” October 26, 2009 at 3:38 pm : Google Social Search Launches” I distinctly remember, in the 2011 range, using a VPN that really did exit at random places around the world. Obvious that Goog was doing lots of A/B testing…I rarely got the same options or layout of tools twice in a row doing a search.

Google Social Search Launches, Gives Results From Your Trusted “Social Circle”

***Mar 2021 note close***
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