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The Clathrate Gun has fired.  In 15 years,  it will not miss,  unless we act.       

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Is Eric "Fucking" Schmidt not the new Edward Bernays?

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...

-- Public Relations Wiki entry on Edward Bernays

Google's Schmidt: Society not ready for technology

-- Kicking off the inaugural Techonomy* conference

If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it...

-- Century of the Self by Adam Curtis for the BBC

"They had the ability to dictate what was true" (14th century Catholic Church just before Gutenberg).

-- Rick Falkvinge Keynote Speech Black Hat EU 2013 - Shelters or Windmills

How to Spot - and Defeat - Disruption on the Internet

-- Don't read discussions without it.

* WTF, techonomy?

wordnik.com says: "Sorry, no definitions found. Sorry, no etymologies found."

Ahhh! Behold the Techonomy Manifesto!.

Techonomy's name embodies our beliefs and our mission-it combines the words "technology" and "economy" because technology has become a central part of the economy in which we operate and the society in which we live. Today technology is inextricably entwined with just about every activity that humans undertake. We embrace that fact, and seek as a company to help the world take advantage of it**.
** Therefore must be shared with NSA

  1. I say that Eric Schmidt's involvement in the Obama Campaign is his "Torches of Freedom" moment.
  2. I say that Eric Schmidt's babys, Google+ and Social Search, are where the patented, Turing tested, google-bots roam.
  3. I say that The Powers That Be rely on Eric "Fucking" Schmidt to obfuscate search, keep discussions stirred up and attention diverted, and, at all costs, stop rational discussion ... depending on the needs of the NSA of course. And now (as of 24 Feb 2014) thanks to Eric Snowden, we indeed know that Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations.
  4. I say that I have met the iBernaysBot and its name is blogspot***.
  5. I say that I may be wrong.
*** The yet to be now leaked power-point will might reveal the internal name for iBernaysBot to be Calculon 2.718281828

Below, I present evidence.

(Click on an image to open the google search illustrated in an new browser tab. Plain links open in this tab. Except where they don't.)

intext:"Eric Fucking Schmidt"

Web search for a quoted string that gets no results:
Web search for a quoted string that gets no results

Okay, nothing in the last month, but they are trying to be nice by showing some unquoted hits.

Maybe a month is too short. Lets try a year. (All I did was change "Past month" to "Past year"):


Damn, some internet trolls are google bombing poor Eric!

Wait! What? I see what you did there! The results are for the string unquoted, with no notification of the change, other than the easy to miss two little double quote marks disappearing just as the results appear.

Put the damn quotes back, and:

Put the damn quotes back

Maybe there is an innocent explanation.

Google verbatim was supposed to allowed me to search the old way, the old pre social way, the way the that made google such an insanely great engineering company, with search tools you could trust. Until.Eric.Fucking.Schmidt.All.Things.Plus.+.Circle.Jerk.

When google shows you "No results ... results for ... (without quotes), the search string still has quotes displayed, but as you refine, your eyes are drawn to the results and may miss the subtle removal of two little double quote characters.

Subtle and easy to miss. And maybe its just a bug. This was very irritating.

But something a bit different happens if you click on the Image tab after an unsuccessful web search:

Turing Teacher first sighting
(Are these images not the perfect Zeitgeist for out times? I get lost scrolling through them. Holy fuck! that gets weird. Hummm, Rule 34...looks like Eric favors religion and war themed porn).

Is image search some kind of Turing Teacher?

Yes! Add inurl:blogspot to your TT search string, find the oddly weird images and delve in. Run these images through search by image. Hilarity ensues.

"USS Reagan" Fukushima

Let's see, this happened 11 March 2011. What were the first results out?

first search results for USS Reagan Fukushima back in March 2011

Man! Check out the videos...

which results are genuine news items and which are press released flack?

How sweet! Fox got there first and Hannity is on top!.

Are Fears of a Catastrophic Nuclear Meltdown in Japan Warranted?
(Sean Hannity:) Thank you both -- Jay, I'm looking at not only the contamination story of the USS Reagan Navy crewmembers but, you know, "this is a race against time." You know, "Japan's frantic efforts to avoid a meltdown." Some people say, "we were told not to breathe the air, it's scary." How realistic is this threat?
JAY LEHR, THE HEARTLAND INSTITUTE: Sean, it is not at all realistic. I can tell you with the utmost confidence there will not be a health impact of anything that is going on at the Fukushima power plant. A meltdown, people interpret it as virtually a disaster, and explosion, destruction like an atomic bomb that is not true at all. A meltdown just means that the cooling of the rods has failed. The temperature is higher than can be controlled in order to create the hot water that ultimately flashes to steam and turns a turbine. So, they immediately install rods to bring the radioactive decay down to subcritical but they have leftover heat and residual radiation that has to be brought under control, it will happen naturally within a few days. They are doing the best they can.

I can't even parse three fourths of that word salad.

How many of the "15 Rules of Web Disruption" can you spot? (drinking game, anyone?)

Let's check the latest news ... gotta be some serious shit going down!

USS Reagan Fulushima breaking news

That's some invisible hand you got there, Eric. Let us see some examples of your NSA prompted social bots (iBernays?) in action!

"NSA comment bot"

its so obvious

"TWA Flight 800"

WTF Eric

Notice how conveniently timed the Time Warner / Viacom deal was. And by chance, look how they worded the press release! Eric's iBernays has a chaff option. And look into that hit number 2. We catch Cass Sunstein saying:

Some "conspiracy theories" recommended for covert action by Sunstein include:

* The documentary did not investigate who shot the three missiles, just the fact that the FBI thwarted NTSB investigators showed that the fatal explosion happened outside the aircraft.

Talk about burying your lead!

Now, you know you'll be baffled by bullshit if you extend this search to video (go ahead, try it. I'll wait...). Just take the time to watch the damn documentary and decide. It has great production values, I swear!

Enough with PR! Where do I get facts about Fukushima and the USS Reagan incident?

Calculon 2.718281828

Quo vadis google news search feed?

Anyone else remember in the pre-social search era where you could get an RSS feed of further matches as they turn up? Of course you do. And you still can, just not through the GUI.


Well I subscribed a few days ago, and look what showed up in my stream:
I Love tt-rss

New results come in regularly it was cause for much head scratching when I could sometimes not find the string in the feed item's display.

Kizz MyAnthia? (you know the drill, consult the Turing Teacher...)

Lets see what Kizz MyAnthia has to say:

words fail

Can't wait to see how the eventually leaked powerpoints explain this one.

How about the payload in the third result?

world surprised

Do you see my search string?

TT("Resistance is Futile, So Is Security")

intext:"Burn the Fucking System to the Ground"+-inurl:blogspot

So, sometime in the last few weeks I added this blog search through the google.com UI, after I first read popehat's epic rant..

(((I added the -inurl:blogspot to the feed because there was a huge number of reallyFunnyOrOddName.blogspot.com hits and I remember thinking "... too much flack as click bait farms ... must filter to see hidden secret ...")))

I brought up all the matched items in the subscription (so far) in my trusty Tiny Tiny RSS reader**** and looked for one that did not have the string in the page (click image to open):

I need help with this

**** Funny story. If google had not dropped its reader, I would have never found and used Tiny Tiny RSS and I doubt I would have had this epiphany, so yeah, thanks Eric!

And the obligatory TT("Ethics Alarm") # now with mouse-over snark


Yes, ethicsalarms.com violates Google's Webmaster Guidelines (...Hiding text or links in your content to manipulate Google's search...)

Just some of the buried text fragments in the source html for that ethicsalarms.com page:

Some of the buried links in this ethicsalarms.com page:

hmmm I've seen the dailymail somewhere recently...
Great story! THE BRISBANE INSTITUTE IS A BRISBANE PROSTITUTE in which the villian, a morbidly obese fossil fuel professor named Michael Economides and has a particularly odious role.

"Michael J. Economides"

Based on a speech delivered by Geoffrey Chia  Ecospeak session, 25 July 2012, University of Queensland

If you click on his picture, you'll see my favourite headline of that week:
Hydro-fracking advocate, a world-renowned college professor, dies of a heart attack during cross-Atlantic flight

The Daily Mail is a story laundering front?.

My Configuration

If you are on Windows 7, you owe it to yourself to check Palemoon out

US Continues to abuse Vietnam in a SEO driven Mechanical Turk Digital Surf Extravaganza

ChooseOnWhim(3, TT(intext:"blogspot icon" intext:bot))
(click image to open post in new tab)

US Continues to abuse Vietnam
in a SEO driven Mechanical Turk
digital Surf Extravaganza

Three icons chosen by whimsy and all are Vietnamese language based sites? And two are blogspot hosted?

WTF indeed! I am too far down the rabbit hole.

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