I accuse the domain is serving up what only can be called chaff, used to muddy the waters and stir up discussions.
In this example, with the news of the "Fall of Fallujah", our rulers wish us not to recall the similar "Fall of Saigon", whose anniversay is coming in April, that was so embarassing to them.
start: Is Eric "Fucking" Schmidt not the new Edward Bernays?
added March 2014: "Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations". Thanks Eric Snowden!

What does Calculon 2.71828182 say about the fall Of Fallujah?

- or, How Calculon 2 .718281828 (aka blogspot) , scion of iBernaysBot (who itself is an unholy union of Edward Bernays, Eric Schmidt, with a soupçon of weak AI expert system computational advertising--but did walk away with the 2008 election IT award in a true "Torches of Freedom" moment!) dealt with a breaking embarrassment.

Google News Headline 2014-01-04:

What blogspot wants to distract you with
caption: "bathing suit cheesecake photos would explot women! Reminder - Why The BIRDS?"
WTF? Distract with sex? (this and following images: right-click to view or open a larger version)

What does everyone else say?

Reality we deal with

What do I say?

What does Eric Schmidt want us to forget?

Lets do a news search on "Fallujah" from the previous week from the blogspot domains...

these are not the results you were looking for

I predict this anomaly will fade with time.

... brace yourself ...

we are going to look at the images served up from blogspot during this week...
not safe for civilized humans

And who served up that first hit?

Which, by the way, was labelled: "deformed Fallujah child from US chemical weapon use."

could not have said it better erik fucking prince merchant of death

Seems Calculon2718281828, aka blogspot, cannot help but leak some of the truth ...

would you like to know more

Search for occurrences of "blogspot", or look for comment sections. Take a shower before coming back.

All of this matters to me because as we approach likely near term human extinction, we are also exploding up the learning curve in so many sciences, thanks to so many smart individuals with vision who push back the frontiers and then share current research on the intertubes with us.

This last year I feasted on the output. Amazing! Quantum entanglement and black hole event Horizon metric, combine to explain the arrow of time! The black-hole information paradox, complementarity, and firewalls by Leonard Susskind"!, David Attenborough does Galapagos 3D!

Humans are amazing as individuals, but can truly suck as humanity.

Collapse is coming. Who knows how long TPTB can keep the balls in the air. Pretty damn impressive so far. Best case is the end of industrial civilization. But then there will no coolant circulating in the 400 some odd reactors around the world that take decades and billions to decommission each ... how does life survive with that much ionizing radiation around?

But we were so close! In ten, twenty years tops, we'd have figured out how to use the bitcoin platform to organize networks from the bottom up, for the many fewer humans who will remain -- we'd make the best possible out of the circumstances. And this guy, Rick Falkvinge knows how to do that.

The seeds of the solutions to our problems are out there now, roaming the meme-osphere, ala Lord of the Flies. We just need to get organized, and use blogspot as your guide.

What are the omens, oh Turing Oracle?

PythonWin 2.7.5 (default, May 15 2013, 22:43:36) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)] on win32.
Portions Copyright 1994-2008 Mark Hammond - see 'Help/About PythonWin' for further copyright information.
>>> from blogspot import TuringOracle as TO
>>> TO( "Lord of the Flies" inurl:blogspot )

PS: you ever notice how hard it is to copy text off of a youtube screen?

You wonder about climate change? You remember what a normal jet stream looked like from over the north pole? Here it is now, in real time, directly over the pole. It is interactive and awesome.

And cuts through all the bullshit. Look at it. The global climate system is moving into a new basin of attraction. At the bottom of that basin global temperature differences are evened out. However roundabout, we are headed to the bottom of that pit, potentially taking all life with us.

The IPPC reports were and are understandably conservative, given how they've been attacked ("hocky stick", "climategate", etc).

The 4'th report, in 2007, was based on linear feedback only and predictions were made on what would happen next. Because of the several years deadline for gathering data for the pending IPPC report, already some of the predictions were exceeded by the time the report was actually released to the public.

In the time since, satellite sensors and computational models and field work (Natalia Shakhova, especially--I love you Natalia!) have increased in sophistication and it is obvious that a linear model is no longer appropriate.

Based on the difference in predictions of the 2007 IPCC report and data collected since, second order non-linearities were introduced into the models and the results are in: Runaway Global Warming - The Non-Disclosed Extreme Arctic Methane Threat

The best estimate of the time that methane eruption in the Arctic will produce a mean atmospheric temperature of 8°C leading to total global deglaciation and the major extinction of all life on Earth (IPCC, 2007) is 2050.6 +- 3.4 (N=8) with a total range from 2042.2 to 2052.8 (Figures 1 and 2, Tables 1a - 1d, Table 2).
methane release will cause the oceans to begin boiling off between 115°C and 120°C (Severson, 2013) in 2080 and the Earth's atmosphere will have reached temperatures equivalent to those on Venus by 2096
The newly determined atmospheric temperature gradient indicates that the mean global atmospheric temperature will reach 1.5°C in 15 years (2028.5) and 2°C in 20 years (2033.4). Consequently we only have 15 years to get an efficient methane destruction radio - laser system designed, tested and installed (Lucy and Alamo (HAARP) Projects, Figure 7) before the accelerating methane eruptions take us into uncontrollable runaway global warming.


Now, undoubtedly higher order effects will also kick in that will make this prediction inaccurate in some ways, but it is the best we have to go on, and we have 15 years to avoid runaway global warming.

We need to work together more than ever before, and Eric "Fucking" Schmidt and his babies, social search and google+ are getting in the way.

Be very wary of anything you read on a blogspot hosted blog. Learn to spot the chaff blogs.

Not all are suspicious. In fact, there seems to be more than a few gems hidden in the garbage. Exceptions in my RSS feeds:

You should equip your browser with Noscript and RequestPolicy or equivalents and forbid and from executing scripts and only allow requests to (usually to get images).

And that's my opinion. But of course I could be wrong and would love to be corrected.

Roger Burnham

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start: Is Eric "Fucking" Schmidt not the new Edward Bernays?

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